Da Shootz! presents itself as a strikingly pale straw-colored beer when poured into a glass, accompanied by a sizable, soapy foam with good retention. The large bubbles contribute to an overall appealing visual, and there’s an intriguing hint of hop oils in suspension, creating a subtle oily sheen on the bubbles. Despite its impressive appearance, the recommendation is to enjoy this beer straight from the can to enhance its intended experience as a competitor to macro lagers.


Opting for glassware, the volatile nose of Da Shootz! initially carries notes reminiscent of lemon-scented toilet bowl cleaner. This soon transitions into a more pronounced DMS character, characteristic of pilsner malt, featuring nuances of creamed corn. Additional scents include a subtle whiff of margarine atop Wonder Bread. While deeper exploration reveals zesty notes of lemon and lemonade from the aroma hops, the conflicting elements make the decision to drink straight from the can a pragmatic choice.


Diving into the taste experience, Da Shootz! impresses with its snappy and refreshing profile, accompanied by a hint of doughiness and a notable grassy hop bite. The carbonation is notably high, contributing to a dry finish. Surprisingly less sweet than expected, with sugar levels at a modest 2/10, the beer presents a lingering, bitter aftertaste. This departure from the typical creamed corn and white sugar notes commonly found in light lagers positions Da Shootz! as a clean beer without the usual brewing flaws associated with this light-bodied category. It’s particularly well-suited as a post-workout or outdoor activity beverage.


The mouthfeel of Da Shootz! is characterized by its high carbonation, contributing to a snappy and refreshing experience. The beer maintains a light body, aligning with its intended market segment of light lagers. The dry finish complements the overall clean profile, making it a pleasant and easy-drinking option.


Deschutes’ venture into the light lager segment with Da Shootz! is a bold move, and the result is surprisingly delightful. The beer succeeds in its marketing goals, carving out a distinct identity outside the traditional craft beer umbrella. Despite its lighter ABV, more affordable price point, and energetic branding, Da Shootz! manages to deliver a solid punch of bitterness. While enthusiasts may still gravitate towards Pacific Wonderland Lager, Da Shootz! caters to a broader consumer base with its simplicity, refreshment, and avoidance of blandness. It’s an encouraging development to witness regional breweries tackling the challenging light lager segment, and the success of such ventures remains to be seen over time.