Upon popping the top, Tropicália unveils itself in a brilliant, clear copper hue, crowned by a tan head that, regrettably, fizzles out a bit quicker than anticipated for its style. The presentation, while visually appealing, leaves room for a more sustained frothy introduction.


The olfactory experience takes us on a journey of orange juice, tangerine, vanilla cake, and fresh bread. These aromatic elements intertwine, creating a medley that invites contemplation. However, the lasting impression may be susceptible to nuances that toe the line between subtlety and evanescence.


Embarking on the tasting adventure, the flavor profile begins with notes of orange peel and a hint of caramel at the forefront. Transitioning into a commendably bitter and semi-dry mid-palate, there’s a noticeable emergence of a gritty malt character and a robust calcium presence. The conclusion is marked by a dry and crisp finale, reminiscent of the brewery’s Automatic Pale Ale. Nonetheless, a slightly harsh finish, akin to its counterpart, persists, offering a dichotomy of enjoyment and a lingering aftertaste.


Tropicália, with its lighter body for the IPA category, unveils a buoyant quality to its mouthfeel. The dryness and bitterness, while contributing to its overall drinkability, do introduce a degree of harshness. It’s a delicate balance that, in some instances, leans towards the overly mineral-heavy side, affecting the mid-palate and finish. This interplay between texture and taste may resonate differently with varied preferences.


In the grand tapestry of IPAs, Tropicália stands as Creature Comforts’ flagship, offering a familiar taste reminiscent of yesteryear’s IPA experience. Its focus on bitter orange peel and a grittier malt character, combined with a biting finish, catapults it into the realm of old-school charm. While it may lack the refreshing nuances found in the Automatic Pale Ale, Tropicália’s enduring appeal lies in its traditional IPA essence—a nod to the flavors that have captivated palates for years. It’s a journey back in time, where the familiarity of the brew trumps the pursuit of a cutting-edge hop character. In essence, Tropicália remains a commendable choice for those seeking a taste of the classics within the ever-evolving landscape of craft IPAs.