Pouring Coronado Salty Crew Blonde Ale into a glass reveals a clear golden hue with a rapidly dissipating white foam. The can’s design, featuring a matte finish and a sleek nautical theme, is a standout among Coronado’s offerings. While the appearance scores points for aesthetics, it doesn’t offer much in terms of head retention or visual appeal.


The aroma of Salty Crew is reminiscent of a macro pale lager, characterized by notes of honeyed bread rolls and sweet corn. Unfortunately, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the aroma, and it fails to leave a lasting impression. In fact, given the unimpressive aroma, it might be best to skip pouring and enjoy this beer straight from the can.


When it comes to taste, Salty Crew delivers a crisp and sweet profile dominated by white corn flavors. This flavor profile is eerily similar to what one might expect from a Mexican-style lager, even though Coronado labels it as a blonde ale. The beer leans heavily on maltiness and lacks the balancing bitterness that many craft beer enthusiasts seek. However, it does finish cleanly and neutrally, making it relatively easy to drink.


Salty Crew’s mouthfeel is unremarkable. It lacks complexity and fails to offer any distinguishing characteristics. While it doesn’t necessarily detract from the beer, it doesn’t elevate it either. The absence of any noticeable saltiness or unique qualities leaves much to be desired.


Coronado Salty Crew Blonde Ale sets out to be a versatile and refreshing “boat beer” but falls short of creating a distinctive identity. Its flavor profile, while technically sound, treads familiar territory with sweet grain and corn flavors and an absence of balancing bitterness. Disappointingly, the beer lacks the promised salinity that its name implies, making it indistinguishable from many macro pale lagers. In an industry driven by innovation and unique flavors, Salty Crew may struggle to differentiate itself and compete with larger breweries.

Similar Beers

Salty Crew, despite its classification as a blonde ale, shares striking similarities with mass-produced pale lagers. If you’re seeking a more adventurous and distinct flavor experience, it’s advisable to explore other options within the craft beer world.

In conclusion, while Coronado Salty Crew Blonde Ale fulfills its mission as a straightforward and approachable session beer, it fails to offer any notable or memorable qualities that would set it apart in a crowded market. For those looking for a truly exceptional craft beer experience, this offering may leave you wanting more.