Coronado Brewing’s attempt at an autumnal delight, the Punk’In Drublic, falls short of expectations in various aspects, leaving much to be desired for pumpkin beer enthusiasts.

Lackluster Pumpkin Presence

The beer, poured from a 22oz bottle into a tulip glass, presents itself with a clear deep copper to red hue, accompanied by a promising tan foam that disappointingly dwindles to a thin layer. The aroma initially hints at sweetness reminiscent of red Twizzlers and starchy kids’ candies, setting a tone that lacks the boldness one would expect from an Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

The taste follows suit, with an initial sweetness centered around red candies, eventually transitioning to spiced cinnamon bread. However, the promised “pumpkin” spices are notably subdued, failing to make a meaningful impact on the overall flavor profile. The finish, while thankfully avoiding cloying sweetness, leaves much to be desired, lacking the robust autumn character that defines exceptional pumpkin beers.

Saving Grace: Mouthfeel and Alcohol Content

Despite its shortcomings in flavor, Punk’In Drublic manages to redeem itself in the realm of mouthfeel. The beer boasts a rich and oily body, steering clear of cloying sweetness. As it warms up, notes of dark bread crust, maple, and caramel become more pronounced, creating a semblance of depth reminiscent of old ales or barley wines. However, this only serves as a partial redemption, as the lacking spice presence persists.

Not the Pinnacle of Pumpkin Spice

In summary, Coronado Punk’In Drublic falls short of being the go-to pumpkin spice beer. Its muted spice profile and subdued pumpkin essence make it less appealing to enthusiasts seeking the quintessential autumn experience. However, it manages to salvage some appeal as a dessert beer, offering enticing flavors of sweet maple and cinnamon bread. Even those typically averse to pumpkin beers might find solace in its resemblance to old ales or barley wines, courtesy of its substantial 8% ABV and flavor profile. While it may not be the pumpkin beer of choice, it could find a place as a versatile dessert beer for those with a penchant for the unconventional.