Upon pouring this guavacated version of Coronado’s Islander IPA, the crystal-clear golden liquid showcases vigorous carbonation, forming a thick, enduring white meringue-like foam. The aesthetically pleasing can, although visually appealing, unfortunately leans towards a generic seltzer water design, lacking distinct branding for the Guava Islander and the rest of the can lineup.


The aromatic experience commences with a robust guava presence during the pour, only to mellow into subtle notes of freshly-cut grass, honey malt, perfume, and a hint of mint. While the fragrance is enticing, the branding on the can does little justice to the tropical explosion hidden within.


Billed as a tropical delight, the Guava Islander delivers a balanced flavor profile. The malty and substantial base beer provides a solid foundation, accompanied by mid-palate chalkiness and mineral character that imparts a drying effect. The finish, characterized by oatmeal-like graininess, is modestly sweetened with delicate touches of guava, contributing to an overall harmonious taste experience.


Despite being labeled as an IPA with an IBU of 65, the Guava Islander challenges expectations with its mild demeanor. The beer leans towards the blonde ale territory, lacking the assertive bitterness and hop aromas typical of an IPA. The subdued fruit adjunct, while present, doesn’t dominate, making it approachable even for those who typically shy away from the IPA category.


In the realm of IPAs, the Guava Islander takes a distinctive stance by embracing a more subdued approach. While it may not cater to the die-hard IPA enthusiasts seeking intense hop bitterness, it opens its doors to a broader audience. This beer, with its weak hop character, could be a gateway for macro beer lovers venturing into the craft scene. However, the critique lies in the underwhelming hop presence and the potential for a more pronounced guava infusion. Despite this, the Guava Islander stands as a well-constructed and highly drinkable option, offering a mild tropical escape for a diverse range of beer drinkers.