In this critical examination, we delve into the depths of Cigar City Leon, a concoction that claims to pay homage to Mr. Coker, a WWII veteran with a cabinet-making past. While the narrative sets the stage with war medals and wartime valor, the true battleground for evaluation lies within the 750 ml. bottle.


The visual spectacle begins with a pour that unveils a deep mahogany hue, accompanied by a soapy tan ring. A promising start or a mere façade? We venture forth to dissect the layers of this brew.


The olfactory journey introduces notes of sweet cherry pie, apples, and brandy, all dancing around the brown sugar ambiance. Does the aromatic ensemble elevate the overall experience, or is it a superficial aromatic overture masking underlying flaws?


Brown sugar takes center stage in a performance complemented by maple sugar, brandy, wood, and burnt sugar. An ostensibly rich ensemble, but does the lack of bitterness or hoppy fervor contribute to a nuanced flavor profile, or does it leave the palate yearning for complexity?


The texture becomes a focal point as the full, creamy carbonation makes its entrance. Is this mouthfeel a harmonious accompaniment, seamlessly integrating with the flavor symphony, or does it fall short, leaving an imbalance on the palate?

Overall Verdict

In the grand finale, the question lingers – is Cigar City Leon truly magnificent, as claimed? A brew that boasts a readiness for consumption now and an alarming ease despite its potent 13.5% abv prompts us to scrutinize the definition of magnificence. Does it genuinely earn its accolades, or does its apparent charm mask potential pitfalls?

Brew Metrics

PublisherGenrePrint LengthISBN
Cigar City BrewingBarrel Aged BeerNot specifiedNot specified

In conclusion, the critical lens applied to Cigar City Leon aims to uncover the layers beyond the wartime tribute, exploring whether this brew is an undisputed champion or merely a well-crafted illusion.