Publisher: DAN Beer Reviews
Genre: Belgian Witbier
Print Length: 12 oz. can
ISBN: 0 (Not applicable for beer, but let’s keep it modern)

Crafted by the renowned Cigar City Brewing, the Florida Cracker is a Belgian witbier that undergoes a unique aging process with the infusion of fruit and spices. This unconventional twist sets the stage for an intriguing tasting experience.

Pouring Sunshine: Aesthetic Appeal

The beer introduces itself with a cloudy yellow gold hue, creating a visually appealing spectacle as it gracefully fills the goblet. However, the initial excitement is short-lived as the white head rapidly dissipates, leaving a somewhat underwhelming first impression.

Aroma: A Familiar Wheat Symphony

Engaging the senses, the aroma of Cigar City’s Florida Cracker resonates with the classic notes of a wheat beer. The harmonious blend of banana and bread dough dominates, overshadowing any substantial hop presence. A fragrance that is comforting, yet lacking in complexity.

Tasting Notes: Where Simplicity Prevails

In the realm of taste, the beer adheres to simplicity. The palate is greeted by the echoes of bread dough, intertwined with subtle hints of banana and a touch of lemon. The mild presence of hops lingers in the background, contributing to a taste profile that is safe but somewhat unadventurous.

Texture Tale: Chalky Intricacies

The mouthfeel offers a peculiar touch, with a slight chalkiness that adds an interesting dimension. The beer proudly boasts a full-bodied character, a commendable feature that complements its overall profile.

Verdict: Solid, Yet Uninspiring

In the grand scheme of Witbiers, Cigar City’s Florida Cracker stands as a solid contender. It earns its stripes as a highly drinkable option, presenting a departure from the typical Witbier experience with a slightly drier twist. While not groundbreaking, its convenience in a can and commendable session-worthy qualities make it a potential addition to one’s rotation, especially for those seeking a dependable and approachable choice in the world of craft beers.