Beer Review: CIGAR CITY 110K + OT BATCH 7

Beer Review: CIGAR CITY 110K + OT BATCH 7

In the realm of visual allure, the Cigar City 110K + OT Batch 7 presents itself as a dark brown elixir, venturing almost into the abyss of blackness. The modest head, with frothy tan edges, adds a touch of anticipation to the visual experience.


Delving into the olfactory realm, this imperial porter emanates a sweet and spicy cola essence, intertwined with notes of peppermint and chocolate malt. The aroma sets the stage, preparing the senses for the flavorful journey ahead.


In the realm of taste, the 110K + OT Batch 7 unfolds a symphony of flavors. Dark chocolate takes the lead, accompanied by the robust profiles of French roast coffee and the delightful crunch of chocolate teddy grahams. The infusion of spicy American hops adds a layer of complexity, all while expertly concealing the alcohol presence despite the beer’s weighty gravity.


The mouthfeel of this brew is a dance between full-bodied richness and a drying carbonation, creating a tactile experience that complements the bold flavors. The interplay between textures adds depth, contributing to the overall drinking experience.


Delightful, chocolatey, and surprisingly easy to drink despite its formidable alcoholic strength, the Cigar City 110K + OT Batch 7 stands out as a noteworthy addition to the imperial porter landscape. Its harmonious blend of flavors, coupled with a visually enticing presentation and a well-balanced mouthfeel, makes it a contender for those seeking a bold yet approachable brew. This iteration effortlessly weaves together complexity and drinkability, offering more than one might expect from a typical imperial porter.