Beer Review: CIGAR CITY 110K + OT BATCH 6

Beer Review: CIGAR CITY 110K + OT BATCH 6

In the realm of robust brews, Cigar City’s 110K + OT Batch 6 stands as a testament to resilience and rugged taste. This imperial stout, unabashedly disdainful of the faint-hearted, is a liquid ode to the toiling class. Leave your polished demeanor at the door; this beer is not for the uncalloused hands.

A Working Man’s Palette: Imperial Stout with Raspberries and Port Wine Barrel Aging

At the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, Cigar City Brewing proudly presented Batch 6 of their 110K + OT creation. With an alcohol by volume (abv) of 11%, this concoction is not for the faint of heart or palate.

Visual Encounter: Midnight Brown Boldness

Upon the pour, Batch 6 reveals its personality โ€“ a midnight brown hue, accompanied by a thin, creamy tan ring. It’s a visual embodiment of the beer’s unapologetic character.

Olfactory Rebellion: Chocolate, Dark Fruit, and a Dash of Rebellion

The olfactory rebellion begins with a whiff of chocolate, dark fruit, and a hint of wet wood, underlined by a subtle note of soy. This is no ordinary fragrance; it’s an aromatic defiance.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Rebellion and Umami Uprising

The rebellion doesn’t stop at the nose. With each sip, the taste buds are treated to a symphony of flavors โ€“ the rebellious raspberry, the uprising umami, and the decadence of a dark chocolate raspberry truffle. This is a flavor revolution in a glass.

Textural Rebellion: Sticky, Full-Bodied, and Unapologetically Bold

In the realm of mouthfeel, Batch 6 defies expectations once more. It’s sticky, full-bodied, with just a hint of modest carbonation. This is not a beer for casual sipping; it demands attention.

Final Verdict: A Gritty Delight for the Brave

In conclusion, Cigar City’s 110K + OT Batch 6 is not just a beer; it’s a rebellious elixir for those who appreciate the bold and unapologetic. A dessert sipper, yes, but more than that, it’s a celebration of the working man’s triumph in the face of the ordinary. This is not a beer for everyone, and that’s precisely its charm. Raise a glass to the bold, the rugged, and the unyielding.