Beer Review: CANTILLON 50°N-4°E

Beer Review: CANTILLON 50°N-4°E

Cantillon’s venture into the Cognac-soaked realm began in March 2005 when they acquired used barrels from the Cognac region, letting the wood steep in the rich spirits for a substantial 15 years. Subsequently, their lambic had a two-year tryst with these cognac-infused barrels, extracting a symphony of flavors and aromas that culminated in the birth of a distinctive gueuze. The nomenclature nods to the brewery’s geographic coordinates.

Appearance: A hazy yellow gold cascades into the goblet, forming a delicate white film.

Aroma: The olfactory journey unveils barnyard funk, intermingling with notes of lemon and a touch of perfume.

Taste: The sip is characterized by astringent tannins and a sour funk that overshadows any discernible malt presence, culminating in a notably bitter finish.

Mouthfeel: The experience is one of puckering intensity, marked by astringency and moderated fizz.

Overall: The marriage of cognac barrel nuances and the idiosyncrasies of the wild yeast strain results in a beer that leans towards earthiness and bitterness. This concoction demands multiple encounters to ascertain its appeal; a journey I may consider undertaking to unravel its complexities and refine my verdict.