The Brooklyn Brewery marks its 25th anniversary with the release of the Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager, a unique celebration encapsulated in every sip. Collaborating with renowned artists, the brewery adds an artistic flair to this special doppelbock version, paying homage to its roots and the cultural resurgence of Brooklyn over the past 25 years.

The Label Artistry

Fred Tomaselli, Roxy Paine, Joe Amhrein, and Elizabeth Crawford, four notable Brooklyn artists, contribute their creativity to craft distinctive labels for the Silver Anniversary Lager. This artistic collaboration adds an extra layer of sophistication to the beer, blending the worlds of visual art and brewing.


Pouring into a goblet, the 750 ml. bottle reveals a dull hazy orange hue crowned with a thin white film. The visual presentation sets the stage for the tasting experience.


The aromatic profile combines herbal hops, husky pale malt, and fruity esters. This complex medley of scents promises a journey through the historical flavors inspired by 19th Century New York and Vienna.


Diving into the taste, the beer introduces bitter Eurohops, pale biscuit malt, toasty malt, and a subtle touch of alcohol. The flavor palette showcases a departure from conventional doppelbocks, providing a distinctive take on the imperial lager category.


With a full-bodied character and average carbonation, the Silver Anniversary Lager ensures a robust and satisfying mouthfeel. The texture complements the boldness of the taste, creating a well-rounded drinking experience.

Overall Impression

In the realm of “Imperial Lagers,” the Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager stands out as one of the more intriguing options. While it might not align precisely with traditional doppelbocks, its unique blend of flavors leaves a lasting impression. The 8.6% ABV adds an extra kick, making it a beer to savor slowly. As I relished the initial taste, I couldn’t help but anticipate the potential evolution of its flavors over time. Tracking down another bottle or two seems like a tempting endeavor to witness the Lager’s development.

In conclusion, Brooklyn Brewery’s Silver Anniversary Lager is not just a beer; it’s a testament to a quarter-century of brewing excellence and the vibrant spirit of Brooklyn’s cultural resurgence. Cheers to 25 years of innovation and creativity in every bottle.