Breckenridge Autumn Ale by Breckenridge Brewery is a concoction that aspires to harmonize the malt-forward allure of a German lager with the unblemished clarity typical of an American ale. Pouring a deep coca cola brown into the goblet, the visual presentation is far from mundane, crowned with a persistent white film.


The brew captivates the eye with its dark allure, reminiscent of a fizzy cola, crowned by a resilient white film that dances atop the liquid surface.


The scent profile is succinctly toasty, with the malt taking center stage. It doesn’t boast a kaleidoscope of fragrances, but the toasty malt notes offer a straightforward olfactory invitation.


Embarking on the tasting journey, one encounters a harmonious blend of toasted malt, roasted malt bitterness, eurohop nuances, and a subtle mineral touch. The flavor profile isn’t a grand symphony, but it plays a pleasant tune with its malt-forward melody.


Navigating through the liquid landscape, the mouthfeel strikes a chord as medium-bodied, albeit with a touch of roughness. It’s a reminder that, despite the aspirations for crispness, there’s a raw edge to the texture.


In the grand scheme, Breckenridge Autumn Ale emerges as a palatable malty brown ale, delivering a gustatory experience that feels notably fresh. The nutty-sweet middle, warming alcohol levels, and notes of toasted grains contribute to its appeal. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, this pre-winter brew manages to secure its place as a commendable seasonal offering, providing a tasteful bridge between the malty traditions of German lagers and the crisp character of American ales.