Prepare yourself for a wild ride through the universe of flavors with Bootlegger’s Galaxian Barleywine. This gnarly barley wine claims to hail from outer space, ready to launch a bodacious assault on your interplanetary taste buds. Galaxian accomplishes this mission by unleashing a stellar combination of Australian Galaxy hops, delivering rich, complex toffee flavors straight to your palate. With double dry hopping pushing citrus and passion fruit notes to the next level, this far-out barley wine is designed to leave you stoked and craving more. So, space cadets, hold on tight to this brew – it’s destined to age for light-years. Embrace your inner gamer and embark on the mission: Drink Galaxian!

Appearance: A Lackluster Presentation

In the visual department, Galaxian fails to make a stellar impression. The pour reveals a dark amber liquid with an absence of head, and only a few feeble swirls emerge upon closer inspection.

Aroma: A Mixed Bag of Fruity Tones

The aroma is a blend of fruity notes, featuring cherry, apple, and grape. Turbinado sugar adds a layer of sweetness, accompanied by a subtle hint of alcohol that weaves through the olfactory experience.

Taste: A Galactic Melange of Flavors

Caramel and burnt sugar dominate the flavor profile, accompanied by the richness of dates and the exotic twist of dried mango. Bitter hops contribute to a tropical sensation reminiscent of Knuckle Sandwich, providing a bold and intense taste experience.

Mouthfeel: A Journey Through Carbonation Extremes

The full-bodied nature of Galaxian is undeniable, yet the carbonation, possibly due to the growler delivery, leans towards the higher side. Fortunately, as the glass warms up, the carbonation mellows out, offering a more balanced mouthfeel.

Overall: A Solid West Coast Barleywine

In the grand scheme of west coast barleywines, Galaxian holds its own as a truly tasty contender. However, it seems tailored for immediate consumption, as aging may not enhance its appeal. Drawing close parallels to the highly acclaimed Knuckle Sandwich, Galaxian stands as a worthy choice for enthusiasts of bold and robust brews.