The presentation of Bootlegger’s FOMO is unassuming yet somewhat enticing. Poured into a specialty glass, the deep golden hue with a persistent, off-white foam creates an aesthetically pleasing image. The can’s simple design and unique matte texture on the label add a touch of sophistication. However, beyond these superficial aspects, the beer’s visual appeal doesn’t offer any groundbreaking innovation.


The initial olfactory experience promises a tantalizing blend, but fails to fully deliver on the advertised wet hop Mosaic intensity. While nuanced zesty red grapefruit and vanilla cake make an appearance, the anticipated Mosaic notes remain elusive. As the beer warms, the grapefruit character diminishes, making way for malt-derived aromas like candy corn and Frosted Flakes. The aromatic profile, while pleasant, lacks the promised essence of its primary ingredient.


The flavor profile rescues Bootlegger’s FOMO from its aromatic shortcomings. With an oily, rich body, the beer showcases dessert-focused flavors of crème brûlée and white chocolate, creating a commendable depth. The bitterness, however, remains relatively subdued, offering only a mild red grapefruit peel note. While the balance between sweetness and bitterness is maintained, a bolder expression of hop bitterness could elevate the overall taste experience.


The mouthfeel is a standout feature of FOMO, with an impressively rich body that extends from the front palate to the finish. The beer’s texture contributes to its easy-drinking quality, avoiding the pitfall of cloying sweetness. Despite this, there is room for improvement, particularly in amplifying the wet hop character to align more closely with the beer’s advertised profile.


Bootlegger’s FOMO presents itself as an approachable and easy-drinking IPA, catering to a broad audience, even those who typically shy away from intensely hopped brews. The rich body and integrated wet hop character contribute to a satisfying overall experience. However, the disconnect between the aroma’s promise and delivery, as well as the restrained hop bitterness, leaves room for enhancement. While enjoyable, FOMO doesn’t fully embody the anticipated wet hop IPA experience, making it fall slightly short of its potential.