Beer Review: BLOCK 15 PAPPY’S DARK

Beer Review: BLOCK 15 PAPPY’S DARK

Block 15 presents its 100% bourbon barrel-aged creation, blending six malts of Belgian and British origin to craft a beer that exudes a rich, bourbon-hued allure. The appearance sets the stage as it pours into a goblet – a clear, dark copper liquid crowned with a creamy beige foam cap.


The beer captivates with a clear, dark copper tone that commands attention, adorned by a creamy beige foam cap that lingers atop the brew.


Delving into the sensory experience, subtle notes of cherry and sassafras emerge, teasing the olfactory senses with a nuanced bouquet.


The palate is met with a bold interplay of flavors – burnt sugar takes the lead, accompanied by a robust presence of alcohol, wood, and caramel. The taste profile intertwines these elements, creating a tapestry of complex sensations.


In the realm of texture, the beer boasts a full-bodied character, with a modest carbonation that adds a subtle effervescence to the overall experience.


Block 15’s Pappy’s Dark is a commendable, wood-aged creation, avoiding the common trappings of being pigeonholed into either the imperial or sour categories. Its full-bodied nature and bold flavors, intertwined with the warmth of bourbon, make for a complex and thoroughly enjoyable drinking experience. This brew stands as a testament to the brewery’s skill in crafting a beer that balances intricacy and approachability.