Beer Review: BIG SKY IPA

Beer Review: BIG SKY IPA

Big Sky Brewing brings forth a contender in the beer arena with its assertive creation – the Big Sky IPA. In a state known for bold moments that begin with a casual “Hold my beer and watch this,” this brew aims to match the audacity of such memories. Let’s dive into the critical analysis of this beer experience.


The Big Sky IPA, poured from a 12 oz. bottle into a pint glass, presents itself with a translucent amber hue, crowned by a robust creamy beige head. The visual allure sets the stage for what promises to be a memorable encounter.


Upon lifting the glass, a distinct hop presence dominates the olfactory senses, reminiscent of dry hops, possibly simcoe or centennial varieties. Delving deeper, a subtle toffee undertone emerges, adding complexity to the overall aroma profile.


The taste journey unfolds with a toffee-like malt foundation, providing a sweet counterpart to the earthy, spicy, and juicy blend of hops. The finale surprises the palate with a hint of chocolate, leaving a multifaceted impression that deviates from the typical IPA trajectory.


The beer’s texture is a bit rough on the palate, occupying a medium-bodied space with average carbonation. While it may not offer the smoothest ride, the mouthfeel contributes to an overall sensory experience.


In the grand scheme of beer enjoyment, the Big Sky IPA stands out as a balanced and delectable choice. Straying from the conventional IPA path, it crafts a niche for itself as a hoppy Amber. Despite not adhering strictly to the traditional IPA characteristics, the beer invites enthusiasts to savor its unique flavor profile and assertive charm. So, hang on tight and enjoy the ride of this bold Montana brew.