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Crafted by Big Boss Brewing, the High Roller American-Style IPA ventures into uncharted territory by blending Northwest hops with a delicate balance of pale and caramel malts. In this 6.75% alcohol by volume (abv) concoction, hops take center stage, introduced thrice during the brewing process to construct a rich and intricate hop profile. Branded as a unique American take on a British classic, the Big Boss High Roller IPA promises a distinct and memorable tasting experience.

Visual Symphony

Upon pouring this libation into a pint glass, the Big Boss High Roller IPA presents itself as a crystal-clear amber gold. The body showcases lively bubbles ascending, while a crisp, white pin stripe crowns the top. The visual allure sets the stage for what lies within.

Aromatic Overture

The olfactory journey begins with a robust ensemble of piney, grassy, and perfumed hop oils. The initial notes dance alongside hints of sweet malt and fruitiness, creating an aromatic prelude that teases the palate.

Palate Performance

The tasting experience unfolds as a flavorful symphony, with aggressive resinous hops taking the lead. Nestled between layers of sweet and biscuity malt is a delightful fruit cocktail medley. The culmination is a prolonged, robust bitterness that lingers on the taste buds, perhaps enhanced by the subtle inclusion of rye malt.

Texture Tale

In the realm of mouthfeel, the Big Boss High Roller IPA boasts a full-bodied presence, complemented by a medium, peppery carbonation. This tactile interplay adds depth to the overall drinking experience, elevating it beyond a mere sip to a sensory exploration.

Final Verdict

In the realm of IPAs, the Big Boss High Roller IPA stands as a testament to bold flavors and unapologetic bitterness. While it may not align with personal preferences, it earns its merit as a solid and beautifully bitter creation. Satisfying in its own right, this brew encapsulates the essence of a distinctive American twist on the traditional British classic.