Pouring Bell’s Lager of the Lakes into a pilsner flute unveils a clear pale straw hue with a lively carbonation that builds a thick, pillowy white foam. The head retention is commendable, thanks in part to the flute’s shape. The can’s design, adorned with captivating artwork, perfectly reflects the beer’s essence—a straightforward, outdoor-friendly brew.


The initial whiff presents a diverse olfactory experience. A peculiar stinky fruit note reminiscent of durian emerges, possibly a result of the pilsner malt used. Beneath it lies a delightful blend of lemon, white sugar, and fresh bread rolls, creating an aroma reminiscent of a lemon custard-filled donut. As the beer warms up, rich honey takes center stage.


Upon the first sip, Bell’s Lager of the Lakes instantly delivers a bright and crisp experience, featuring a snappy malt character akin to sourdough biscuit. The beer strikes a well-balanced sweetness, providing a substantial body that complements its surprising punch of herbal hops. The use of European hops, as mentioned in the accompanying video, adds a refreshing effervescence. The finish introduces a robust sourdough biscuit note, contributing a touch of perceived acidity, elevating the beer to a world-class level.


The carbonation in Lager of the Lakes is notably high, contributing to its effervescent and refreshing quality. The beer’s texture is bright and crisp, with a satisfying maltiness that enhances its overall mouthfeel.


In today’s expanding craft pale lager scene, Bell’s Lager of the Lakes stands out as a top contender. With over a decade of refinement, this Bohemian Style Pilsner secures its position as one of the finest in the country. Offering a perfect blend of crispness, refreshment, malty richness, and a touch of powerful bitterness, Lager of the Lakes earns its status as a desert island beer. It surpasses its competition on the shelf, presenting a meticulously crafted pilsner that sets a high standard.

Similar Beers

For those in Southern California, Firestone Walker Pivo Pils provides a worthy alternative. Seek a more pronounced hop bite, Victory Prima Pils fits the bill. While not always readily available, Bell’s Quinannan Falls Lager, exclusive to June, stands as another superb choice.