The Belching Beaver Digital Bath, presented in a 16oz can, pours into the glass with a radiant pale straw color, accompanied by a subtle neon green tint. Its high turbidity gives it the appearance of unfiltered lemon juice. The initial meringue-like foam is visually impressive, though it dwindles to practically nothing after a short time. Despite this, the overall presentation is enticing, aligning well with the New England-style IPA aesthetic.


Upon diving into the aromatic realm, the Digital Bath offers a delightful blend of lemon marmalade and bright lime zest. The transition is intriguing, evolving into a grainier and somewhat farm-like essence with hints of cream of wheat, corn flakes, and wet dough. In contrast to many regional NE-style IPAs boasting pungent, overripe tropical fruit scents, Digital Bath stands out with a more subdued and soft olfactory profile.


Moving on to the taste experience, Digital Bath sets itself apart by avoiding an overwhelming concentration of sugary fruit juice typical of its peers. The beer strikes a balance with its lighter-bodied and refreshing character, surprising with a minimal residual sweetness. The 6.5% ABV feels lighter than expected, almost resembling a hazy Session IPA—a substyle that, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t officially exist yet. Creamy wheat flavors dominate the mid-palate, complemented by a touch of spicy hop character. The 2/10 intensity of both bitterness and sweetness distinguishes it from other NE-style IPAs.


The mouthfeel of Digital Bath is a testament to its well-executed brewing. It avoids the pitfalls of some hazy IPAs, steering clear of chalkiness, grittiness, or any unfinished fermentation off-flavors. Despite the potential for excessive dryness, the beer remains bright and well-balanced, maintaining a refreshing quality. It manages to drink lighter than its ABV would suggest, a notable feat in the competitive realm of hazy IPAs.


In the evolving landscape of hazy IPAs from various craft breweries, Digital Bath by Belching Beaver Brewery stands out as a commendable addition. While the brewery faced initial challenges with water chemistry and undesirable flavors in some of their NE-style IPAs, Digital Bath emerges as a success story. Its pixelated 8-bit can design adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall appeal. The beer delivers a satisfying visual experience, a restrained and pleasant aroma, a well-balanced taste with a surprising lack of sweetness, and a flawlessly executed mouthfeel. Belching Beaver seems to have found its stride in the hazy IPA game, with Digital Bath standing as a testament to their ability to produce top-tier offerings in this popular style. As the craft beer scene continues to flood the market with hazy IPAs, Digital Bath is a noteworthy contender that should find its way onto the radar of any discerning beer enthusiast.