The Mocha Machine presents itself with a rather lackluster visual appeal, pouring into the glass with a root beer brown hue and disappointingly lacking any head. The initial impression falls short of capturing the drinker’s attention, leaving much to be desired in terms of a visually inviting presentation.


In the olfactory realm, Mocha Machine manages to redeem itself. The aroma is a standout feature, characterized by the enticing notes of cold-brewed coffee. The fragrance is quite remarkable, accompanied by subtle hints of tiramisu and a touch of sweet ripe cherry. This aromatic profile sets the stage for what could be a promising tasting experience.


Moving on to the palate, Mocha Machine unfolds its flavors with a mix of fresh cold-brewed coffee and chocolate malt. While the beer exhibits a commendable effort to balance these elements, there is a presence of modest European hop spice. The alcohol content remains well hidden, contributing to a relatively smooth experience. On the coffee side, the low acidity is a welcome departure from the common pitfalls of overly tangy brews.


The beer’s mouthfeel is characterized by a medium-bodied texture, accompanied by a prickly carbonation. While the carbonation adds a certain liveliness to the beverage, the overall mouthfeel might leave some yearning for a more substantial and rounded sensation on the palate.


Despite the visual shortcomings and a slightly underwhelming mouthfeel, Mocha Machine manages to impress with its complexity. The beer’s redeeming quality lies in the spotlight on coffee, showcasing a rare finesse that sets it apart from other contenders in the crowded realm of coffee-infused brews. In a landscape where many fall victim to staleness, over-roasting, or imbalance, Mocha Machine emerges as a commendable exception, leaving the drinker with a desire for more of its unique and well-executed coffee-centric character.