Collaborative ventures in brewing often spark expectations of a bold manifestation of hop-centric desires. The union of three seasoned hop enthusiasts—Beachwood, Heretic, and Stone Brewing Co.—gives birth to the Unapologetic IPA, a double-edged sword in the saturated realm of India Pale Ales.

Appearance: A Glimpse of Amber Brilliance

The 22 oz. bottle unleashes a liquid spectacle, pouring out a crystal-clear, bright amber gold. A substantial, frothy white head rises with confidence, creating an enticing visual prelude.

Aroma: Citrus Symphony with a Pine Undertone

In the olfactory realm, the Unapologetic IPA introduces itself with the invigorating fragrance of freshly cut grapefruit and tangerine. A piney essence intertwines with the sweet embrace of pineapple, accompanied by mineral notes. The aromatic ensemble is a veritable citrus explosion, promising a sensory journey.

Taste: A Symphony of Bitter Dynamics

The taste unfolds with unapologetic assertiveness. Piney bitterness, akin to a forest of hop cones, dominates the palate. Grapefruit and orange pith contribute to the bold profile, while a mostly dry pale malt provides a subtle sweetness. The clean yeast character and earthy resinous bitterness persist, creating a lingering aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: A Full-bodied, Snappy Experience

The Unapologetic IPA boasts a full-bodied character that commands attention. The texture is prickly and dry, aligning with the snappy nature expected in this style. The mouthfeel, a crucial element, enhances the overall experience, inviting contemplation with each sip.

Overall: A Calculated Departure from the Familiar

This collaborative creation is a deliberate departure from the commonplace, a calculated risk in the vast landscape of hop-forward brews. Infused with the essence of pine, resin, and a medley of citrus and tropical fruits, the Unapologetic IPA defies the notion of redundancy. Apologies need not be offered; instead, it demands an appreciation for hops, a resilient palate, and an empty glass.

In the realm of collaborative brewing, the Unapologetic IPA succeeds in offering a distinct identity within the pantheon of Stone beers. While it maintains echoes of the brewery’s signature style, it boldly carves its own niche, providing a gratifying experience for those seeking a hoppy journey that transcends expectations.