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Avery Twenty XX IPA

From Avery Brewing – Embracing the Hop Obsession

What else could one anticipate from a clan of brewers with an insatiable hop fixation? Avery Brewing, in commemoration of two glorious decades from 1993-2013, presents the Avery Twenty XX IPA. A nod to their rich history of unabashedly indulging in the charms of the Humulus Lupulus flower. Here’s to 20 years of brewing excellence and a vibrant, quality-conscious culture. A heartfelt cheers to all who contributed to this hop-forward legacy!

Tasting Notes

Appearance: A Glimpse of Radiance

Pouring into the glass, the Twenty XX IPA reveals a luminous light copper hue, crowned by a fluffy head gracefully settling to a quarter-inch.

Aroma: A Symphony of Scents

Immerse yourself in a delightful bouquet featuring a dank amalgamation of pine resin, grapefruit, tangerine, and a hint of spicy-sweet malt.

Taste: A Hop-Infused Journey

Dive into a flavor profile dominated by generous doses of resinous hops, delivering notes of pine, citrus, and passionfruit. The spicy malt adds a layer of complexity, concluding with a bitter finish complemented by a subtle touch of alcohol.

Mouthfeel: A Full-Bodied Experience

Experience the Twenty XX IPA as a full-bodied delight with modest carbonation, offering an astringent touch that lingers on the palate.

Overall Impression

A Magnificent IIPA Surprise

In the realm of Imperial/Double IPAs, the Avery Twenty XX IPA stands as a truly magnificent creation. Contrary to expectations, the malt presence is more restrained than anticipated, making this brew a delightful revelation for hop enthusiasts. Avery Brewing delivers a stellar offering that pays homage to two decades of brewing excellence, all wrapped up in a 9.7% ABV package. Cheers to unexpected surprises in every sip!