Pouring from a 22oz bomber into specialized glassware, Twenty Four makes a striking first impression. The brew presents itself as a slightly hazy, radiant golden elixir, exhibiting subdued carbonation. What steals the spotlight, however, is the voluminous ivory foam crowning the liquid, standing tall without succumbing to overflow. The visual appeal of this beer is, without a doubt, a thing of beauty.


From the moment it’s poured, the olfactory experience of Twenty Four is a dynamic journey. Initial whiffs introduce notes of freshly chopped pineapple, ruby red grapefruit, and kumquat, all harmonizing in a symphony of cold allure. As the beer warms up, the aromatic landscape shifts, giving way to the fragrance of canned peaches. It’s a captivating dance of scents that sets the stage for what lies ahead.


The flavor profile unfolds in distinct phases, commencing with a hint of boozy pineapple reminiscent of a tropical mixed drink. However, as the palate delves deeper, the beer reveals a rougher edge characterized by wood and slate notes. The journey concludes on a high note, with under-ripe mango, kumquat, and robust mineral undertones dominating the finish. Despite the 9.4% ABV, the alcohol presence is subtle, and the bitterness, though present, remains restrained for the Imperial IPA style.


While the construction of Twenty Four is commendable and approachable, the mouthfeel introduces a critical note. A slightly tannic and woody character dominates, leaving a palpable imprint on the palate. The hard water profile adds to the complexity but may deter those seeking a smoother experience. The minerality and the touch of woodiness emerge as the chief drawbacks in an otherwise well-crafted beer.


In the grand tapestry of Imperial IPAs, Twenty Four holds its ground with a thoughtful blend of newer hop varietals, including Idaho-7 and Vic Secret. The beer succeeds in avoiding the pitfalls of excessive bitterness and overpowering alcohol levels, offering a more balanced and accessible experience. However, the critique lies in the pronounced minerality and a hint of woodiness in the mouthfeel, slightly detracting from the overall enjoyment. Despite these nuances, Twenty Four stands as a testament to Avery Brewing’s hop-centric journey, providing a celebratory glimpse into the world of hop-infused craftsmanship.