Avery Immitis, holding the prestigious position of No. 9 in Avery Brewing’s Barrel-Aged Series, boasts of its ale aged in Zinfandel barrels. Served on tap and elegantly presented in a goblet, this 9.54% abv concoction invites scrutiny across various dimensions.


The liquid unveils itself in a midnight red hue, devoid of any semblance of a head. This lack of effervescence sets the stage for a visual experience that falls short of captivating, leaving much to be desired in terms of aesthetic appeal.


Engaging the olfactory senses, the fragrance exudes notes of sweet red wine intertwined with a caramel undertone. The overall bouquet leans heavily into the funky spectrum, creating an aromatic profile that, while distinct, may not be universally embraced.


The flavor profile unfolds with a pronounced tartness, accompanied by tannins that assert their presence. Dark fruit notes intermingle with a discernible caramel sweetness, while a subtle hint of fennel seed introduces a layer of complexity. The taste journey, though textured, might polarize palates with its bold interplay of elements.


In terms of mouthfeel, Avery Immitis embraces a full-bodied character, marked by a surprising lack of carbonation. This choice imparts a weighty sensation, contributing to a sensory experience that leans towards a more languid pace.


While the brew aligns with the familiarity expected from the Barrel-Aged Series, it manages to carve out a unique niche within the realm of sours. The familiarity, however, does not necessarily translate to predictability, as Avery Immitis introduces an element of individuality. Yet, whether this departure from the norm resonates positively or not depends on the drinker’s inclination towards embracing a more unconventional sour experience. In essence, Avery Immitis stands as a testament to the delicate balance between adherence to a series and the pursuit of uniqueness within the world of sour ales.