The liquid masterpiece in the glass reveals itself as a fairly clear, cloudy rust, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing tasting experience.

Aroma: Upon nosing, Dihos Dactylion emanates a funky symphony of sour fruit notes, accompanied by the distinct presence of acetic yeast. The olfactory journey is further enriched with the essence of fermented peaches, creating an alluring aromatic profile.

Taste: The palate embarks on an adventure with the influence of blush wine barrel, introducing a unique combination of flavors. Tart vinegar funk takes the forefront, dancing alongside subtle metallic brett notes that linger in the finish. The interplay of these elements adds a layer of complexity to the tasting experience.

Mouthfeel: The beer’s body stands at a medium weight, accompanied by an astringent quality that enhances the overall texture. This characteristic mouthfeel contributes to the beer’s dynamic and engaging nature.

Overall: Dihos Dactylion positions itself within Avery Brewing’s Barrel-aged Series as a brew of refined complexity. Sharing a familiar profile with its wine barrel-aged counterparts, this beer presents a captivating blend of flavors reminiscent of the vineyard. With a 10.74% ABV, it embraces its alcoholic strength while maintaining a delicate balance. The result is a beer that is not only very complex but also exudes a distinctly wine-like character. In the realm of barrel-aged beers, Dihos Dactylion asserts itself as a sophisticated and noteworthy contender.