From the renowned Anchor Brewing comes their take on the classic Belgian-style saison, aptly named Anchor Saison Spring Ale. With a 7.2% ABV, this beer aims to infuse the rustic farmhouse charm of Wallonian ales with a Californian touch. The use of roasted Belgian wheat malt, coupled with a locally cultured saison-style yeast, promises a unique flavor profile. Additionally, the infusion of lemongrass, lemon peel, and ginger is expected to contribute a tangy crispness and herbal spiciness to this Californian interpretation.

Appearance: Underwhelming Pour

The amber pour into a goblet reveals a sudsy head that quickly dissipates, leaving the beer with a lackluster visual appeal.

Aroma: Familiarity with a Dash of Spice

The fragrance is reminiscent of fruit and fresh cut flowers, echoing a spicy malty mix akin to Anchor’s Xmas brew.

Taste: Safe but Uninspiring

The flavor profile introduces fruity spicy yeast, ginger, euro hops, and white pepper. While at face value, it’s a commendable beer with nothing inherently displeasing, Anchor Saison plays it safe, lacking the rustic vigor expected from a traditional saison. The taste remarkably parallels Anchor’s other offerings, presenting a missed opportunity for a more dynamic and distinctive brew.

Mouthfeel: A Full-bodied, Modest Experience

The beer delivers a full-bodied experience with modest prickly carbonation, contributing to an overall satisfactory but unremarkable mouthfeel.

Overall: A Solid Offering, Yet Missing the Mark

Anchor Saison Spring Ale is, without a doubt, a solid beer with little to criticize. However, it falls short of capturing the essence of a true saison. It plays it safe, lacking the liveliness and rustic quality that defines the style. While enjoyable, it treads familiar ground, leaving one to question the extent of its Californian twist. In the realm of saisons, this offering doesn’t quite stand out, ultimately making it a somewhat forgettable addition to Anchor Brewing’s lineup.