The recent visual makeover of Alvarado Street Mai Tai PA’s can is an artistic departure, showcasing a unique design that sets it apart. However, the absence of consistent design language across Alvarado Street beers and the obscured vital statistics on the label pose a challenge for potential buyers. The crystal-clear, straw-colored pour into the nonic pint glass reveals a voluminous white foam that lingers, creating an inviting presentation reminiscent of an ice cream float.


From the first whiff, Mai Tai PA delivers an aromatic punch, courtesy of its 100% Mosaic hops. The intense notes of passion fruit, mango, and lychee dominate the olfactory experience. The recent graphic update on the can might be captivating, but it falls short in conveying essential information about the beer.


Mai Tai PA lives up to its aromatic promise, offering a flavorful profile that includes pound cake, fresh pineapple juice, and a subtle hop bite at the finish. The sweetness takes center stage, complemented by a heavier body and a clean malt character. The whirlpool hop bitterness strikes a delicate balance, resulting in a milder bitterness level (4 out of 10) and a noticeable sweetness (6/10), making it a softer and more approachable choice within the IPA spectrum.


The mouthfeel of Mai Tai PA stands out with its silky texture and a salty buoyancy, providing a refreshing quality uncommon in traditional American IPAs. This characteristic, reminiscent of top-tier IPAs like Beachwood Brewing Amalgamator, Pizza Port Swami’s IPA, and Karl Strauss Aurora Hoppyalis, contributes to the overall appeal.


In the grand scheme of IPAs, Mai Tai PA emerges as a standout, holding its ground against some of the best in the market. It embodies the quintessential modern West Coast IPA, presenting a juicy, tropical, and refreshing profile without the sticky or astringent qualities of IPAs from yesteryears. This beer’s state-of-the-art clarity and clean finish make it a compelling choice, particularly for those seeking an alternative to the hazy IPA trend.

Final Thoughts

Alvarado Street Mai Tai PA succeeds in capturing the essence of a well-crafted IPA, with its distinctive flavor profile and refreshing characteristics. While the can’s redesign enhances its visual appeal, improvements in conveying crucial information could make it more consumer-friendly. Nevertheless, Mai Tai PA holds its own in the competitive IPA landscape, offering a delightful experience that rivals some of the best in the industry.