The pour of Alpine Windows Up presents a surprising contrast to its official description. Despite being labeled as hazy, the beer sits crystal clear in the glass, displaying a deep golden hue. The initial head formation is promising with tight bubbles and a rocky texture, but disappointingly, the retention falls short for a hoppy style. The foam dissipates rapidly, leaving a visual impression that doesn’t align with expectations. The absence of a packaging date, a standard in the industry, is a notable drawback, placing this aspect of the beer behind the curve.


Moving past the visual letdown, the aroma of Windows Up manages to redeem the experience. Coconut, vanilla cake, and fresh Valencia orange dominate the olfactory senses, creating an inviting and enticing bouquet. The juxtaposition of these elements adds depth, with a glazed orange pound cake flavor profile that stands out. Despite the initial visual misstep, the aroma sets high expectations for the tasting experience.


Fortunately, the flavor of Windows Up delivers on the promises made by its enticing aroma. The beer offers a delightful interplay of pound cake and orange juice, resulting in the mentioned glazed orange pound cake flavor. The absence of the expected chewy, piney, and aggressively bitter notes commonly associated with IPAs is a refreshing departure. Instead, the taste is characterized by a well-balanced profile, with apparent bitterness and sweetness both hovering around a moderate 6 out of 10. This departure from the typical “dank” IPA trend makes Windows Up a more approachable and satisfying choice.


The mouthfeel of Windows Up contributes significantly to its overall appeal. Clean, soft, and consistent, it introduces a touch of oiliness and sweet buttercream that enhances the beer’s glide across the palate. This ethereal quality distinguishes Alpine IPAs as some of the finest globally. The absence of the chewy, piney attributes associated with less popular IPAs contributes to a more enjoyable and drinkable experience. The well-balanced nature of the mouthfeel aligns with the overall theme of the beer.


In the grand scheme of Alpine’s beer offerings, Windows Up emerges as a standout, even surpassing the scaled version of the renowned Duet. The absence of the mythos surrounding Duet allows Windows Up to shine without the burden of unmet expectations. Dissecting this beer reveals a product that encapsulates the best of the current market, presenting itself as a satisfying, familiar, and understated choice. Windows Up, in its six-pack form, can be considered a heavenly creation, offering a delightful drinking experience that transcends the ordinary.