Upon pouring Allagash River Trip into the glass, the beer exhibits an impressive and glowing pale straw color with a substantial, long-lasting foam. The can-conditioning, although uncommon, adds a unique touch, but swirling may introduce some cloudiness due to yeast sediment.


The delicate aroma of River Trip offers notes of angel food cake, lemon squares, and subtle esters resembling unripe pear. Despite its age, the fragrance still captures the expected yeast-forward elements typical of pale farmhouse ales. However, the fading of dramatic aroma hops is evident.


River Trip presents itself as an ultra-dry and hop-forward Belgian-style session ale. The beer’s super-light body and absence of sweetness create a seltzer-like mouthfeel. Fruity and grassy hops take center stage, with a touch of minerality enhancing the sparkling water analogy. As it warms, hints of soft baguette flavors emerge, emphasizing the beer’s dry and refreshing nature.


The mouthfeel of River Trip is characterized by its light body and lack of sweetness, providing a crisp and zingy experience. Despite its hop-forward profile, it avoids astringency, leaving a refreshing and almost evaporative sensation on the palate.


Allagash River Trip stands out as a remarkable summer session beer, boasting a low ABV of 4.8%. Its can-only availability in specific regions enhances its exclusivity. The beer’s ethereal farmhouse ale characteristics, combined with its accessibility and quenching nature, make it a standout option for those seeking a refreshing and drinkable experience.


River Trip defies the norm by delivering an exceptional farmhouse ale experience in a can, a departure from the traditionally corked and caged 750ml bottles. Its light-bodied, quenching qualities, and accessibility showcase Allagash’s mastery in crafting a sessionable Belgian ale. River Trip emerges as a standout in the realm of table beers, surpassing the limitations of both format and authenticity faced by other American craft brewers.

Similar Beers

Table beers are a rarity, often found in large-format bottles. Allagash River Trip’s uniqueness is underscored by the scarcity of comparable options, especially in cans. Jester King’s Le Petit Prince and Dupont’s Avril are noteworthy, but their format and availability differ significantly. River Trip truly occupies a league of its own in the realm of sessionable farmhouse ales.

Final Thoughts

Allagash River Trip earns its accolades as a session beer, redefining expectations with its can-only approach and exceptional quality. As craft beer enthusiasts, appreciating and critiquing such offerings is essential for fostering improvement and maintaining industry standards. River Trip not only meets these standards but sets a new benchmark for sessionable farmhouse ales in a convenient and accessible format.