The My Bloody Valentine from AleSmith Brewing pours a striking deep reddish-brown hue into the glass, topped with a thick, yellow foam that boasts impressive retention. The beer presents a visually appealing spectacle, with a layer of sediment settled at the bottle’s bottom, a characteristic worth noting for the discerning consumer.


The aroma of this American Red/Amber Ale is intriguingly complex, defying expectations associated with the typical profile of its style. Unveiling notes of candied cherry, golden raisin, dried cranberry, dried pineapple, brown sugar, and walnuts, the bouquet is both intense and captivating. The scent boasts tremendous depth, making it a standout feature of this brew.


Initiating with a somewhat harsh burnt toast flavor on the front palate, My Bloody Valentine gradually refines its taste profile through the mid-palate. Rich caramel and whole grain flavors emerge, accompanied by a thicker mouthfeel that enhances the overall drinking experience. Despite a modest 10 IBU rating, the bitterness is more pronounced than anticipated, stemming not from hops but rather from husky grains. Burnt toast, bread crust, unsweetened tea, and walnut flavors contribute to a mild piney hop character, albeit not without drawbacks. The return of the burnt toast flavor on the back palate, coupled with a lasting bitterness, leaves room for improvement. A touch of brown sugar sweetness could have provided a more balanced finish, but the beer concludes with a relatively dry note. The 6.66% ABV is well-controlled, contributing to a malt-focused experience that, unfortunately, leans a bit too heavily on husky grain character.


While the beer’s texture improves through the mid-palate, offering a thicker mouthfeel, the overall experience is hindered by a more prominent bitterness than expected. The burnt toast, bread crust, and walnut notes, coupled with unsweetened tea, contribute to a husky grain-driven profile. The beer lacks the desired sweetness to counterbalance the bitterness, resulting in a finish that could benefit from more harmonious elements.


Despite its visually appealing appearance and complex aroma, AleSmith’s My Bloody Valentine falls short of expectations in terms of taste and overall satisfaction. The lack of a clear style indication on the label may mislead consumers expecting a more aggressive or bold beer. Priced at $7 for a special release bomber, the beer’s value proposition is questionable, especially considering the absence of a distinctive style. For those seeking a non-hoppy, non-stout/porter dark beer of regular strength, AleSmith’s Nut Brown Ale is recommended, offering better flavor and a more descriptive name at a more affordable price. The hope remains that AleSmith will introduce a new and exciting brew that aligns better with evolving consumer preferences.