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Dan Alesmith BrewingAmerican Red/AmberBeer Reviews0

Dropping just in time for Valentine’s Day, AleSmith’s My Bloody Valentine emerges as the crimson-hued counterpart to its Halloween-themed sibling, Evil Dead Red. Promising a delicate interplay of caramel-sweet malt and floral American hop varieties, this seasonal ale aims to deliver a drinking experience as unique as its name suggests.

Pouring Passion

Appearance: The liquid poetry in the glass unveils a dark amber that allows a hint of light to dance through. Leaving behind spotty lacing, the visual allure sets the stage for what lies within.

Aroma: A bold and dank hop nose, reminiscent of Amarillo, permeates the senses, accompanied by the enticing notes of brown sugar-like malts. A symphony of scents that piques curiosity.

A Sip of Sinful Delight

Taste: As the elixir meets the palate, bitter dank grapefruit hops take the lead, harmonizing with slightly sweet malts and the savory undertones of rye. The finale is a dance of mild hoppiness, leaving a balanced and lasting impression.

Mouthfeel: In the realm of texture, My Bloody Valentine asserts itself with a full-bodied presence and active carbonation, ensuring each sip is a tactile experience.

The Verdict: A Love Affair for the Taste Buds

In the grand scheme of AleSmith’s repertoire, My Bloody Valentine stands tall. If you found pleasure in Evil Dead Red, consider this a passionate sequel. Notably, it shares a flavorful kinship with the Winter Yulesmith, adding another layer to its appeal. For those seeking a well-balanced and fresh brew, this is an affair worth indulging in.