Upon pouring the Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Märzen Kräusen Blend into the glass, it reveals a mostly clear amber hue with suspended particles of various sizes, giving it an intriguing visual appeal. The tan head of foam forms rapidly, demanding a patient pour to prevent spillage. The absence of a canning date on the bottom raises questions, considering the beer’s aim to bring fresh, tap-only German beer to American consumers.


The initial olfactory experience delivers a rich bouquet, featuring baked lemon and Bosc pear layered over maple-cured bacon and country ham. The aromatic profile introduces a complex blend of scents, creating anticipation for the taste that follows.


Contrary to expectations, the Kräusen Blend surprises with a higher level of bitterness than anticipated, with its 30 IBUs making a noticeable impact. The amber lager showcases a grassy, almost tannic bite, transitioning into flavors of pear skins and lemon rind after repeated sips. Despite its style, the beer finishes fairly dry, accompanied by mineral notes and a touch of lemon acidity. The unique combination of flavors, coupled with high carbonation, renders the Kräusen Blend unexpectedly refreshing.


The mouthfeel of the beer aligns with its design as a session lager, displaying a relative dryness and a notable level of carbonation. The beer’s quenching ability is distinctive, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a refreshing experience. However, it falls short of the brightness found in the regular Helles Schlenkerla, and the absence of brown sugar and melted fat flavors distinguishes it from the core Schlenkerla beers.


In summary, the Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Märzen Kräusen Blend presents a unique and enjoyable drinking experience. With its amber color, unexpected bitterness, and vibrant flavors, this beer diverges from typical German lagers. Its moderate smoke character, mid-range sweetness, and surprising hoppy profile contribute to a well-balanced composition. While it may not fully replicate the experience of enjoying it on tap at the brewery, the effort to bring such specialty beers to the U.S. through the Tank Container Canning Project deserves acknowledgment.


The beer chart reveals a well-rounded profile, offering a mix of savory smoke, moderate sweetness, and unexpected bitterness. Its hoppy characteristics, unusual for traditional German lagers, set it apart. For those intrigued by the Kräusen technique and seeking a departure from standard Märzen offerings, this beer provides a distinctive and enjoyable option.

Similar Beers

For those exploring the world of Schlenkerla beers, the recommendation is to sample the core offerings available in reputable bottle shops. While the B. United specialty cans provide a unique opportunity to experience these beers in the U.S., they may not entirely substitute the on-tap experience at the brewery. The bottled Schlenkerla beers, known for their strength and resilience during shipping, offer a different dimension worth exploring.

In the grand scope of beer reviews, the Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Märzen Kräusen Blend stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution of craft beer. As consumers, embracing critical reviews allows us to make informed decisions, while producers benefit from valuable feedback to refine and enhance their offerings. Cheers to the adventurous spirit of brewing and the intricate world of flavors waiting to be explored.