Embracing the collaborative efforts of Armand Debelder and Tomme Arthur, the 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze (Armand & Tomme) unveils a fusion born from a playful day at 3 Fonteinen, blending a 4-year-old Boon Lambic with Armand’s personal 2008 Lambic.

Appearance: Amber Glow with Subtle Elegance

In a 750 ml. bottle poured into a goblet, the Geuze presents itself with an amber-tinted orange hue, crowned by a tight, thin cap of white. The visual allure sets the stage for what lies within.

Aroma: Floral Complexity and Zesty Twists

The bouquet emanates a symphony of flowery funk, accompanied by notes of hay, sliced lemon, and a subtle touch of light vinegar. The olfactory experience promises a journey through layers of aromatic intricacy.

Taste: Brett Magic and Citrus Symphony

As the elixir graces the palate, a dance of bretty funk takes center stage, entwined with a citrusy tartness that captivates the taste buds. The presence of vinegar and hints of dry grapes add a sophisticated depth to the flavor profile.

Mouthfeel: Puckering Sensation and Lively Carbonation

The mouthfeel is nothing short of a sensation, offering a puckering experience complemented by lively carbonation that blankets the palate from front to back. The interplay between texture and taste elevates the overall drinking experience.

Overall: A Triumph in Geuze Craftsmanship

In the realm of Geuze, this offering from 3 Fonteinen stands out as a triumph. Surpassing the acclaimed Armand’4 Series, the Armand & Tomme collaboration emerges as a pinnacle of craftsmanship. The reviewer, fortunate to stumble upon this gem at a recent Woodshop tasting, expresses a preference for this Geuze, marking it as a memorable highlight in their beer exploration journey.