The Zombie Dust pours into the glass with an inviting orange hue, accompanied by a substantial and fluffy off-white head. Noteworthy is the dry hop haze, a departure from the modern norm of absolute clarity in hoppy beers. This pale ale stands out in the crowd with its visible use of a small crystal malt addition, a characteristic that resonates with the Midwest’s brewing preferences.


An immediate assault on the olfactory senses reveals a raw hop aroma, distinctly green and somewhat dank. Behind this initial burst, a pleasant combination of citrus and a touch of pine resin emerges. The marriage of caramel malt aromas and hops produces a nuanced orange zest, creating a layered aromatic experience.


The taste experience unfolds with a medium bitterness that harmoniously balances the candy-like crystal malt sweetness and the pronounced hop flavors of orange, grapefruit, and resin. While the use of crystal malt in hoppy beers is often debated, Zombie Dust demonstrates that, when coupled with the right hop bill, it seamlessly melds diverse flavors. The medium body and a lingering bitterness contribute to an overall well-constructed flavor profile.


Zombie Dust presents a medium-bodied texture that complements its flavor dynamics. The lingering bitterness on the palate adds a satisfying depth to the beer, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


As a Midwest expatriate, my anticipation for 3 Floyds’ offerings is fueled by the region’s beer scene glow-up. Zombie Dust, a cult classic, embodies the essence of this brewery with its heavy use of Citra, 3 Floyds lineage, and undeniable drinkability. At 6.5% ABV, it positions itself at the upper echelon of American Pale Ales in terms of aroma and flavor intensity. While the beer impresses with its well-crafted profile, a subtle longing for a touch more hoppiness arises intermittently, perhaps influenced by the Lupulin Threshold Shift. Nevertheless, Zombie Dust stands as a testament to 3 Floyds’ brewing prowess and remains a noteworthy contender in the realm of American Pale Ales.