The visual allure of the 21st Amendment Watermelon Funk is striking, poured into a specialty glass, the hazy straw-colored liquid sets the stage for what’s to come. The graphic design on the 12 oz. can is noteworthy, and the beer creates a thick, creamy head with commendable retention, especially considering its classification as a sour ale.


The aromatic profile leans towards the Berliner Weisse style, featuring intense notes of wheat, tangerine, vanilla, and a touch of sweaty funkiness. As the olfactory experience unfolds, the beer appears more reminiscent of a Berliner Weisse, with lactic acid and rich wheat taking center stage. Despite the tagline boasting Watermelon Sour Ale and a Funk Factor dialed up to 11, the primary character is surprisingly low on acidity, striking a balance with near-zero bitterness. A subtle hint of tangerine juice gives way to a palate filled with thick creaminess and a lingering backend enriched with vanilla yogurt. Although the promised watermelon adjunct remains elusive, the overall aromatic experience is delightful, making any absence inconsequential.


In terms of flavor, the Watermelon Funk presents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, Hell or High Watermelon. The brew exudes a sense of approachability, particularly for those who may typically shy away from funk and sourness. The acidity is gentle, making it remarkably light on the palate. The beer showcases a harmonious balance between maltiness and acidity, with low bitterness levels. The incorporation of some possibly undetectable green watermelon rind contributes to the overall excellence of the beer, even though it may not be prominently discernible.


The mouthfeel of this limited edition Insurrection Series beer is characterized by its light acidity and refreshing nature. The creamy texture enhances the overall drinking experience, creating a sensation that complements the beer’s thematic elements. The 12 oz. can format further adds to the appeal, providing a convenient and enjoyable packaging for summer quenching.


In summation, the 21st Amendment Watermelon Funk stands out as a mind-blowing transformation of the Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer. The utilization of 100% fresh watermelon puree and kettle souring with lactobacillus imparts bright, tart, citrus notes, culminating in a beer that lives up to its tagline of Watermelon Sour Ale with a Funk Factor dialed up to 11. Despite the possibly elusive watermelon adjunct, this beer proves to be a fantastic and approachable choice, particularly for those seeking a refreshing summer quencher with a subtle touch of acidity. The upgraded experience from its predecessor and the thoughtful 12 oz. can packaging contribute to making this beer a standout in its category.