In the frosty realm of winter brews, 21st Amendment defies expectations with its Sneak Attack Saison. Breaking free from the seasonal norm, this Belgian-style farmhouse ale charges into winter with a rebellious spirit, much like Washington crossing the icy Delaware caught everyone off guard.

Liquid Gold in a Goblet

The pour reveals a cloudy yellow gold elixir crowned with a modest ring of white bubbles encircling the glass. An occasional bubble ascends from the depths, setting the stage for what lies beneath the surface.

Aromatic Ambush

The aroma boldly declares its presence, dominated by the assertive scent of cardamom. A spicy symphony unfolds, reminiscent of a bouquet of Belgian yeast, teasing the senses with anticipation.

Flavorful Onslaught

As the liquid touches the palate, the taste buds are ambushed by a coalition of cardamom and ginger, orchestrated by the spicy fruity notes of Belgian yeast. The hop spice, although light, adds a subtle layer to the overall experience.

Juicy Rebellion

The mouthfeel joins the rebellion, offering a juicy, full-bodied sensation with just the right touch of carbonation. It’s a concoction that defies winter’s chill with unabashed bravado.

Infiltrating the Saison Scene

In the grand scheme of herbal saisons gracing the American brewing landscape, 21st Amendment’s Sneak Attack holds its ground admirably. It stands as a testament to the brewery’s willingness to challenge expectations and venture into uncharted territory.

Final Verdict: A Winter Triumph

In the end, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this beer. The herbal infusion, a trend embraced by many US brewers, shines through in this concoction. 21st Amendment Sneak Attack Saison proves that sometimes, the best way to confront winter is with a bold and unexpected flavor profile. Expectations be damned, this is a triumph for those who seek winter warmth in unconventional pints.