Crafted by 21st Amendment Brewing, the Back in Black is their latest addition to the year-round beer lineup, now gracing shelves in six-pack cans and on draft. It takes the bold leap of an American IPA, intertwining it with the complexity of rich, dark malts, promising the anticipated burst of flavors and hop character rounded off by a velvety, mellow conclusion.

Appearance: Embracing the Shadows

Upon the pour into an Imperial pint glass, the Back in Black reveals its dark, mysterious demeanor – a deep brown hue crowned by a creamy khaki head that beckons the drinker to explore its depths.

Aroma: Roast and Hops Dance

The olfactory journey begins with a medley of roast and grassy hops, setting the stage for what lies ahead in each sip of this enigmatic brew.

Taste: A Symphony of Darkness

The palate is greeted by the interplay of dark chocolaty roast and a spiciness from the grassy hops, accompanied by subtle notes of black coffee. The performance crescendos into a dry and bitter finale that lingers on the taste buds.

Mouthfeel: Thin Veil with Fizzy Sparks

The mouthfeel of Back in Black is a delicate affair, characterized by a thin texture amplified by prickly, fizzy carbonation that adds a playful element to the overall drinking experience.

Overall: Shadows of a Dry Porter

In the grand scheme, this beer stands as a commendable creation, leaning more towards the realm of a dry porter than a traditional Black IPA. The nuanced infusion of roast may, however, veil the citrus notes for some palates. As a drinker whose taste buds might sway towards sensitivity to roast, the citrus subtleties often elude notice. Yet, despite this, the Back in Black remains a solid contender, offering a dark and flavorful journey that’s sure to captivate those drawn to the shadows of craft brewing.